Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors

What are Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors?

You need to invest in some serious thinking if you want to take care of your precious siding glass doors. Granted, they look cool and all, but there is one thing that you should remember: they are fragile. It doesn’t take long or much for them to break or shatter. That is why you should take all precautions possible if you want to spare them damage, deliberate or inadvertent. That’s where Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass doors are relevant. They are excellent devices that can be the answer to your worries. Also, they are pretty innovative as well.

The design of plantation shutters for sliding glass doors is of a sort that upon being opened, block one side and allow light to enter from the other one. You can also open them all the way to expose the glass sliding completely. These are custom-made sliding door shutters and are quite different from the bi-pass system. That is because they come with only a single track that’s located on its top.

Pros and Cons of Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors:

These plantation shutters also come with their respective set of pros and cons just like anything else in this world. So, go ahead and peruse through them and ascertain whether these shutters for sliding glass doors are appropriate for you or not:


  • First thing’s first, the best part, and that is that these shutters add immense value to your home. They imbue your home with a sublime quality unlike any other. These shutters are one improvement that will last a long time and deliver tremendous style.
  • The aesthetic quality of these shutters is very refined and no matter in which room they are installed, they transform it for the better. If you want to lend a custom look to your home then you should go for these shutters.
  • If you like to customize and improve upon your possessions then you will be happy to know that these shutters are customizable. You can choose the finishing of your choice, be it paint or stain, to match it with your home’s overall interior. Also, these shutters for sliding glass doors can be cut per requirement, so that you can use them on any type or size of the door.
  • These shutters for sliding glass doors are insulating, in as such that they can be highly effective in blocking out unwanted heat or cold. They are also highly resistant to moisture and Ultraviolet damage as well. That is why they don’t warp, chip, fade, lose color, or crack.
  • These shutters are great because they are incredibly durable and long-lasting. You can fit one of these in your home and you can be sure that it will serve you for many years to come. It also helps that most of the brands offer a lifetime warranty for their products.


  • Plantation Shutters aren’t what you would call affordable. They can cost a hefty amount and not all customers would be willing to shell out the huge amount. You will have to be unusually scrupulous in shopping so that you can scope out a bargain or discount.
  • The design of most of these shutters doesn’t receive a periodic update and is generally considered obsolete by some. You might not get the zing that you were pursuing if you opt for an outdated design.
  • Now, plantation shutters and cleaning are something that goes hand in hand. Sure, it doesn’t take too much effort or skill to clean them but you will have to do it often and frequently. This is something that might dissuade some potential users.
  • Say what you might, but the thing that some people like about shades or blinds is that you can at least hide them by raising them completely. The thing that might turn off some people from plantation shutters is that they are always visible and can’t be hidden from sight.
  • Another thing that some people will find objectionable is that you can’t put any furniture in front of these shutters. The doors simply won’t open if you place any type of furniture in front of them.
  • We are living in the age of efficiency and expedience. You have got the same day or a maximum of 2 to 3 days delivery. But, that is something that you probably shouldn’t expect from these shutters for sliding glass doors. The latter are produced per the precise measurements of your sliding glass doors. The time required for measuring and crafting them can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. Yeah, not so appealing is it?


There are the following types of Plantation shutters for sliding glass doors to choose from. Have a look and see which one matches your needs and preference:

Folding Plantation Shutters:

These are the basic and most common forms of plantation shutters. They are made from a long-lasting and reliable material and can cover up any sliding glass doors effectively. The thing that you sets this shutter apart from mere shades or blinds is that you can fold them completely over to either right or left of the glass door. You get a complete view while also being afforded the peace of mind that you crave in regards to your sliding glass’s safety.

Bi-folding Plantation Shutters:

These shutters are the best option for those users who want a larger view. These bi-fold plantation shutters are made from hinged panels. The latter is capable of being folded towards both sides of the sliding door or on either one of its sides. You can clear the view in your sliding glass door’s frontal area by completely opening your doorway. It also allows for better saving of space.

Bypass Track Plantation Shutters:

These shutters are made from highly durable wheeled carriers. These carriers are mounted in an aluminum track which is situated at the top of the sliding glass door. This allows for smoother operation and ensures that the shutter remains in service for many years. This is the best option for those users who want a durable and reliable shutter for their sliding glass door.


Plantation shutters embrace several different materials and each of them has its own respective set of qualities. These are as follows for your information:

Vinyl Plantation Shutters:

Vinyl Plantation shutters are made from Vinyl and are smooth and durable in texture and build. These plantation shutters are the best option for those users that live in a humid environment. Another thing that you will like about these shutters is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. They are highly resistant to heat and sun exposure, meaning that they won’t warp at all. Also, there is a wide variety of designs available in this category.

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters:

Faux Wood plantation shutters for sliding glass doors are made by blending several materials to imitate a wooden appearance. These shutters are great because they last a long time and are very tough. They are also notably resistant to moisture damage. That is why they are the best choice if you are thinking of placing shutters in damp and moisture-rich areas. These include settings like kitchens, wet rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Paulonia Wood/Basswood Shutters:

Basswood or Paulonia Wood Shutters are other great options in material for plantation shutters. For those of you that don’t know, basswood/Paulonia wood is very strong, durable, and warp-resistant. Basswood evinces a uniform and refined texture, contains tight pores, and is consistent in build quality. Also, it is the straightest of all hardwoods and that’s what makes it great for plantation shutters. You get a finish that emanates high quality, smoothness, and consistency.

How much do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Plantation Shutters for sliding glass doors are something that looks great in your home. They look amazing and offer the very best protection for your sliding glass doors. But, there is one thing that we should remind you again about, and that is that they are expensive. If you are a frequent blinds buyer, then don’t attach the same price expectation with plantation shutters. They can end up costing you a bundle and of that, you should be certain. The thing is, these shutters are custom cut per your window’s measurements and they can cost about 20 to 45 dollars easily.

So, that means a custom wooden plantation shutter job can cost up to about 200 to 350 dollars per window. On the other hand, a composite shutter job will run you about 80 to 200 dollars. So, the thing that you need to ask yourself is that are these shutters worth it? You will have to weigh the benefits versus the cost and deduce that for yourself. We feel that these shutters are worth their cost. They offer the very best in protection against the elements and provide a fashionable and appealing light.

The lifespan of Plantation Shutters:

One of the main reasons for which we recommend plantation shutters is because of their longevity and durability. These shutters are amazing when it comes to this quality and that is what makes them so desirable. They are unlike your normal blinds or curtains that need changing after a year or two of use. If you were to invest in durable and superb quality plantation shutters for your use then you will have ease of mind for about 50 years at least. This is terrific as you won’t have to worry about changing them for quite a while. They will probably serve you throughout your lifetime. So, it is safe to assume that the greatest appeal for some people is the unmatched longevity of lifespan that these shutters evince.

Where to Buy Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors:

There are many spots on venues that you can access if you want to purchase plantation shutters for your glass sliding doors. However, some outlets are more prominent than others and the credit goes to their exemplary service and quality. These are as follows for your guidance and information:

  1. LOWES:

LOWES is an eminent company from America and deals in selling various items that range from hardware, appliance parts, spare parts, and home improvement paraphernalia. It was founded in the year of 1946 in North Wilkesboro, located in North Carolina. It is one of the oldest and most trusted purveyors of hardware and home improvement equipment. Moreover, it is the second-largest company in the category in World. So, if you want to shop for plantation shutters for your needs then this is the first store that you should check out. You are sure to get a bargain.

  1. Home Depot:

Home Depot is another USA-based company and is the largest supplier of home improvement equipment in the country. It dabbles in the sale and supply of construction items, tools, hardware, etc. This is another great spot to shop for plantation shutters.

  1. Blindsgalore:

Blindsgalore is one of the oldest companies in this category. Its roots are since the 1900s. The company has been family-owned for more than 20 years now and offers prices that are highly competitive and generally more affordable.

  1. Sunburst Shutters:

Sunburst Shutters was founded by Dix Jarman in the region of Las Vegas and is one of the best outlets for getting your plantation shutters. The excellent quality and services that you receive are the reason that we are recommending this store to you.

Guide to Purchasing Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to properly and precisely ascertain the measurements of the window on which the plantation shutter needs to be installed.
  • Now, check your budget and go for the style and material that your pocket allows
  • Also, what style will you choose? Will it be the bi or full fold or bypass track option?
  • The material also plays a vital role in the whole purchasing experience. Whether you want heat resistance, longevity, affordability, etc. All of these qualities are available in certain or several material types so, choose carefully.

There you have it, all that you will need to know about Plantation Shutters. We hope that you will be able to make more informed and effective decisions after reading through.

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