Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style in 2022?

Invented in Greece in 800 BC, plantation shutters gained huge popularity from then on. Once they were used in the American South, their popularity rose even more and have then been used in houses. Often used to cover windows, they are known for their insulation properties and classic style.

The evenly spaced slats have been a favorite for many, but with the rise in other alternatives, one begs to ask the question. Are plantation shutters out of style in 2022? In this article, we will explore both sides of this argument.

Why plantation shutters are timeless

Some people believe that plantation shutters never go out of style because of their utility, features, and classic appeal.

  • Simple and Elegant Appeal

Since plantation shutters have a simple appeal, they can complement any kind of interior of the house. They are known for this stylish effect which is considered to increase a house’s resale value. They not only look stylish but the flow of light through these shutters is soft and subtle.  

  • Customizable

The best part about plantation shutters is that they can be customized according to your taste. You can choose the material, color, size, and style of the shutters (Tier-on-tier, full-height, café style, and solid). Additionally, you can get them for any shaped window as well i.e., arched, sliding, tilt-in. You don’t get this level of customizability when it comes to blinds or curtains.

  • Easy to maintain

Another great thing about plantation shutters is that they don’t require a lot of effort to maintain. They don’t require everyday cleaning. All you need to do is clean them occasionally with a soft cloth and vinegar.

  • Insulating properties

Plantation shutters are known for their insulating properties. They keep homes warm in winter and cold during the summer. They help reduce your electricity bills as they help maintain optimal weather inside. This also helps protect your furniture and floor from direct sun rays.

  • Durability

Plantation shutters are a great investment as they are known for their durability and long-lasting properties. You don’t have to worry about any strings or fabric. Just have to protect them from water.

Why plantation shutters are losing popularity?

On the other hand, because of the many alternatives out there, many people are switching from plantation shutters. A few reasons for that are:

  • Lack of variety

When it comes to the sizing and style of plantation shutters, they are indeed quite versatile. However, there are not many colors or textures that plantation shutter manufacturers can offer. They are either found in white PVC or painted Timber.

  • Expensive

As they are more custom-made, have high-quality where some made from timber or wood – they are heftier on the pocket too. They are supposedly the most expensive out of all window furnishings, which is also why they increase the value of homes that they are in. There are indeed cheaper alternatives, that are comparatively more affordable for many.

  • Adjusting for control

You need to adjust the control of light and privacy in the day and night and when the season changes. People, however, find this to be a frustrating process as the light changes throughout the day.

  • Routine Maintenance

To retain the classic appeal of plantation shutters, they need to be regularly cleaned. Moreover, the louvers overtime become loose due to temperature changes. Therefore, they need to be tightened over time, which is not difficult, but you need to learn or get a professional to do it for you.

  • Can’t place furniture in front of them

Since plantation shutters open on the inside, you need to leave ample space in front of them. This means you can’t place furniture against them; thus, people prefer roman blinds.

Alternatives to plantation shutters
AS mentioned above, sometimes plantation shutters are not the best option. In that case, you can opt for other window furnishings such as:

1.      Wood Blinds

Easy to clean, good light control, and easy to adjust, wood blinds are a great alternative for plantation shutters. They are flexible when it comes to light control as they can be easily lowered or raised, as per your needs. They are also very easy to install. Thus, they are cheaper on the pocket as these do not require professional installation as do plantation shutters.

Moreover, for larger windows, horizontal wood blinds are better suited. However, if you have smaller windows then plantation shutters would be a better option. From an aesthetic appeal point of view, wood blinds suit a variety of homes and even modern ones – that are not often complemented by plantation shutters. Wood blinds also have a very interesting wood grain texture.

2.      Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are also good alternatives to plantation shutters as they serve similar insulation purposes. You can control the light, airflow, and privacy very well with these. Furthermore, they are made in such a way that they trap air with their long channels, keeping the room warm in the winter season. These shades come in a range of colors and sizes, can be custom or standard as well. They can open from the top or bottom so you can allow the sun to enter whichever way you prefer.

They are also quite cheaper than plantation shutters and some can be low in quality. So, finding good cellular shades does take some effort.

3.      Roller Shades

Great for those who want more privacy, roller shades block the sun well compared to other alternatives. They are also very easy to roll up and down and don’t take up a lot of time either. In addition, they are easy to maintain as they can be cleaned with a mixture of soap and water. They are perhaps the cheapest alternatives to plantation shutters. The best part is they are available in more than one material.

That being said they come in limited colors but also include darker colors for those who want room-darkening window furnishings. However, you cant control the flow of light with these, you can either open or close them.

4.      Roman Shades

Roman shades come in a variety of textures, fabrics, and styles, so it’s all about what you prefer. They can complement any kind of interior design from contemporary to traditional and classic ones. They are also one of the timeless window furnishings out there as they are made from fabric, unlike wood blinds. Thus, they are a long-lasting and quite popular choice.

However, they only stack up in the upper direction. Moreover, the loops and sticks at the back can get damaged over time and may need replacements.

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